still confused what tier linking means?

Here we will explain you what Tier linking exactly means and how powerful they are.

Web 2.0 backlinks are very powerful if you use it the right way.

The blinks strategy is based on Tier linking. Lets say you ordered the 1000+ web 2.0 post link package.

That does not mean that 1000 backlinks are directly link to the URL (moneysite).

If we make links like that it creates a red flag for Google. It's unnatural to have so many backlinks in a short time.

To create a organic/human backlink profile we use the Tier structure.

Tier structures

A tier structure is like a piramyd. So from that 1000+ blinks package you ordered, we use a large amount of the web 2.0 posts as Tier 3 links.

Those Tier 3 posts are linking to Tier 2 posts. The Tier 2 posts are linking to Tier 1 posts. In the diagrams you can see how it works. All the SEO juice will go step by step to the moneysite. 

We use different kind of diagrams for different kind of strategies and re-use the web 2.0 blogs many tmes to create a powerful SEO network. For high competition or videos we use different kind of diagrams to get the job done. 

Powerful Social Media Support

With social media likes and shares we boost all kind of posts. All the tier posts will get a boost from real social media platforms.

All our social media blogs are automated and used in a human organic way. This creates more trust and more authority to the web 2.0 blog posts.

The combination of a smart and human backlink system with social media is getting more and more important. 

Not only your money site we can link to but also your Facebook fanpage or Pinterest and Youtubechannel can be used for to send powerful web 2.0 blinks. 

Video embedding is another powerful way to get your videos ranked. We have special diagrams for this to get the best results.