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What we do for you

Yes we use web 2.0 blinks to our moneysites as well. Not too much but 20-30 T1 blinks will not harm your site. Its the variety of backlinks from all kind of sources what makes the ranking a success.

First we create an article post with a maximum of three backlink keywords in it. The article will be spinned.

We then will create Tier 1 posts, Tier 2 and Tier 3 posts. We do 20 backlink campaigns to backlink to the Tier 1 links.

Because of the amount of backlinks we use a mix of 90% generic anchor text and 10% keywords. This makes it human and organic.

We can boost your Youtube channel or your videos. If we use the embedding code we put your keywords in the iframe and spin it. This gives an extra boost to your video rankings.

After finishing all the posts we will index around 25% of a mixture of Tier 1, 2 and 3. The rest will be indexed organically. Its not a good idea to index all the web 2.0 posts. 

End result
We send you a link to a Google drive folder in where you can see what we did for you. 

What we need from you:

You have to send us your keywords with URL(S). Do not send broad keywords. Try to make a variety of different longtail keywords. It will help your ranking a lot more.

After payment:

Mail us your paypal-transaction nr. with all the information we need. After that you wil receive a confirmation from us and the time we will start with your campaign.

1000+ Web 2.0 Post links

✅ 5 keywords
✅ 1 URL
✅ Time of dripping - 10 - 15 days

5000+ Web 2.0 Post links

✅ 10 keywords
✅ 2 URLS
✅ Time of dripping - 15 - 30 days

5000+ only for you

✅ 10 keywords
✅ 3 URLS
✅ Time of dripping - 15 - 30 days

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