Private Web 2.0 - 5000+


5000+ Private Web 2.0 Posts
We create a web 2.0 network only for your niche. Only your articles will be posted on that network.
Private blink package is including three times re-post on the blogs. This will make your blogs more powerful.

Average creating time of new web 2.0 blogs will take 8 days.
After that we will re-post three times new articles on the blogs. Average time of re-posting is one month for best results.
We index 25% of the total posts. The rest of the web 2.0 posts will be indexed organically.

New campaigns
You can order anytime you want new campaigns.
$50 for 2 campaigns including 2 new articles. We will re-post the new campaigns on your private web 2.0 blog network.



Boost your website, video or Google map
Including our unique indexing method.
Including unique content.
Including indexing.

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Web 2.0

web 2.0 – 5000+, web 2.0 – 10.000+