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For Serptech Sites

What we do for you:

We create an article with maximum 3 blinks to the URL you want to link to. The article will be 100% seo proof.

That means, keyword will be merged as a longtail in title, h2, h3 and in the content.

The articles will be spinned, dripped and indexed.

To ensure the safety of the network we do not provide reports. You can however check webmaster tools for the links, as we don’t block google.

What we need from you:

After you pay the blink package you have to send us your paypal-transaction number together with your keywords with URLS.

Do not send broad keywords. Try to make a variety of different longtail keywords. It will help your ranking a lot more. 

Make sure the keywords exists in the content of your website you want to link to. If the keyword is not in the content of your page, the power of our blinks will not be that strong.

10 Homepage posts

✅ 2 keywords
✅ 2 URLS
✅ Time of dripping - 10 days

23 Homepage posts

✅ 10 keywords
✅ 4 URLS
✅ Time of dripping - 15 days

35 Homepage posts

✅ 12 keywords
✅ 6 URLS
✅ Time of dripping - 20 days

Extra blinks to your articles?

For $29 extra we offer a 1000 web 2.0 blink campaign as an extra option for to support your articles on the home posts. Based on our Tier 1, 2 and 3 structure.

Price is only in combination with the homepage packages. You can choose the option in the order/product page.

12 + 2 =